without stressing on strict diets, burning out at the gym, or driving yourself and everyone around you crazy on your roller coaster of weight loss.

Hi there ladies, I'm Tana.

Ten years ago, I was 40 lbs. overweight, and had been for years.

I was in a career I didn't love, hadn't found love, and wanted SO MUCH MORE for my life.

But I didn't feel good enough about myself to achieve it all.

All the infomercials and magazine ads told me that the problem was the 40 lbs., that being overweight hurt my self-image and my confidence.

They told me I had to "look better, to feel better."

And for a long time (too long), I believed it.

I believed that the 40 lbs. wasn’t just the weight on my stomach and butt, it was the weight on my shoulders, keeping me from enjoying life.

I believed what all of those infomercials and magazine ads were selling, that the way to happiness was strict diets, no carbs, high protein and heavy cardio.

That such a stressful “diet” would make the weight fall off and there the “new me” would be, never to be lost again.

You’ve probably been there. You’ve probably tried it.

And like me, you’ve probably seen that it doesn’t work.

Drop 5 lbs. only to gain 10 lbs. back.

Binge eating and yo-yo dieting.

Feeling bloated every cycle, frustrated by weight fluctuations, lost and unmotivated.

It didn’t take long for me to feel WORSE about myself instead of better, stuck in that vicious, unhealthy cycle for years.

If you’re so stressed out on strict diets, burning out at the gym on cardio, feeling unhappy, unhealthy and unsatisfied as you struggle to keep off the weight you lose, judge yourself for gaining an ounce back, and never able to enjoy anything, what are the chances you’ll ever feel or look better?

I became determined to figure out the secret to permanent weight loss.

To Get Fit & Stay Fit FOR LIFE

What I discovered surprised even me.

That the secret to being fit and healthy for life was notLook better to Feel better.”

The secret to being fit and healthy for life is to:

Feel Better, to Look Better.


Once I had that breakthrough, it was

a game changer

I discovered a simple and effective way to


from the inside out.

To do that, I re-designed what I ate and how I worked-out to make my body HEALTHY AND FIT ON THE INSIDE, which naturally translated to making me HEALTHY AND FIT ON THE OUTSIDE (in fact, super-hot if I dare say myself )

And when I say I “Rewired My Body,” I mean literally, rewiring my gut health and my hormones so that my body absorbs the nutrients it needs to improve digestion, burn fat, tone muscle and increase circulation, while clearing out toxins, eliminating the “bloat” and ending that vicious, unhealthy roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain, stress and self-judgment.

164 lbs to 110 lbs!

And I've stayed there

for 10 years!

Even after having my

beautiful baby girl!

Did my self-image and self-confidence skyrocket?

Of course, they did.

But not because I looked better.

Because I felt better from the inside out.

I wasn’t just “thin,” I was “healthy,” in my gut and in my cycle, which came with some extra bonuses:

I had more energy.

Clearer thinking.

More control over my moods and actions.

Changing my career, building wealth, finding love and starting a family didn’t happen because I was “thin,” I made all those things happen because I was “healthy,” literally in my gut.

Even after pregnancy

I gained 42 lbs. when I was pregnant, and because I already knew the secret to staying healthy on the inside, I dropped 54 lbs. just 8 weeks after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl, and as she turns 3, I am still in the best shape of my life!

164 lbs to 110 lbs!

Isn't it time For YOU
to Experience
what it's like to...




If This Is Important To You... Then Let’s Get You Back To Feeling Great!

In my 90-day


Get and Stay Fit System

I’ll teach you how to discover what foods are best for your body, and more importantly… when.

You’ll learn the secrets to balancing your diet with your hormones, what to eat in each stage of your cycle so that your body maintains a perfect balance — not of “calories in and calories out” — but how to use calories to Get Fit & Stay Fit.

I’ll teach you how to discover what workouts are best for your body… and when.

You’ll learn when to pump the cardio, when to muscle train and when to take it easy based on which hormones your body is releasing.

When your gut health is rewired and your diet and exercise are tuned to your hormones, yes, the weight falls off, but not on a roller coaster of stress and self-judgment.

Oh and you get tons of bonuses that will help you on your journey

What's Included in The Get and Stay Fit System

12 Week Program


I will help you rewire for life, with...

Custom Meal Guides

Custom Meal Guides designed specifically for you, your body, your gut, your hormones, your life so that you love your diet and want to say on it and stay fit forever.

Custom Workout Guides

Custom Workout Guides based on your body type, your energy, your schedule, your muscles, your metabolism so that you burn fat, tone muscle and build energy and happiness (instead of stress and pain).

2 Weekly


Every week we will have 2 check-ins. This program is designed to help you maximize your results and elevate your mindset.

I'll be personally checking in to make sure you are staying on track.

Text Me


As part of this exclusive program you get UNLIMITED, ANYTIME TEXTS.

Whether you wanna share a small win, have a quick question or need to get your mindset right on track, I am here for you!

...and these FREE Bonuses


Supplement Guide

My personally designed Supplement Guide.

Supplements are great! They do exactly that... supplement your results.

I’ll teach you which supplements to take and when. Plus, I'll share some special products to really dial in your results.


Membership Site

As part of your REWIRE GET & STAY FIT SYSTEM, you get:

LIFETIME, UNLIMITED, ANYTIME ACCESS to my MEMBERSHIP SITE that’s packed with tons of videos, recipes, a free food journal, free mindset guide, free goal setting planner and MORE.


Membership Site Bonuses




A HUGE LIBRARY of exercise videos to keep your workouts fun and make them a habit.


The Rewire

Success Journal

The Rewire Success Journal is your daily success journal to get your mind and nutrition right.

Each day you'll record your nutrition and goals.

Every 7 days you'll recap what you've achieved and raise the bar for what’s next!




You'll get two of my Rewire Your Body Recipe Books that I use every day and you’ll love too, also!

What Other Rewire Members Are Saying

Over the past decade, I have helped thousands of women worldwide to REWIRE their bodies.

Busy women just like you, who felt like they’d tried everything and nothing worked, nothing was sustainable, nothing felt like it was right for you.

Here’s what they are saying about changing their bodies, lifestyles and mindsets

Shannadel G

Hey everyone ! Just wanted to share how happy I am with my results I have been getting from my meal/workout plan. I started seeing results within the second week! My butt started to get bigger and more toned and I haven't felt bloated since I started the program! I've never felt so good about myself .. ! You're the best!

Carrie D

I've been working with Tana for 7 months and have lost over 40 pounds and 40 inches. That in itself is amazing but the best part is I finally feel alive. I feel sexy, confident and worthy of every great thing in my life. No more hanging in the background hoping not to get noticed, its front and center for me now!


They are so great!! I'm feeling great and getting so many compliments already from people I never would have thought would even notice any changes in my body! Such a cool feeling.

Toni B

I am so thankful I found Tana. I was stuck in inconsistency and frustration. This program pushed me to places I never thought was possible. Not only do I view Tana as a wonderful trainer and person I am blessed to call her a friend. She not only cares about your fitness journey but also cares about your mentality. To be healthy you have to be healthy on the outside as well as the inside.

Samantha G

I've been on Tana's program for about 4 1/2 weeks now and I've never been more happy with the shape of my body. She truly does take the time to look at your photos and target where needs the most help and exactly what to do for it. All while keeping what kind of results I want in mind. It's been a pleasure working with Tana, and I can't wait to see what else she personally has in store for ME!!

Adrianna A

I am always so happy with my results! Been training with Tana for a little over a year now and I absolutely adore and love her as a trainer and as a friend! She is amazing at what she does! You just got to put in the work! I won't ever go with anyone else! ❤️

Kelli L

After years of working out on-and-off (mostly off) I decided to reach out to Tana. That decision changed my life! From day one she set me up with a plan designed to accomplish my goals while acknowledging my lifestyle and fitness capabilities. She has been there every step of the way - through ups and downs, checking in each week to see how I was doing... Little did I know, I would eventually become an avid gym-goer because of her! I am stronger, fitter, happier - all due to Tana! The diversity of her workouts keep me challenged and excited - I am a client for life! Just go for it - it's SO worth it.


After following Tana on IG for a few years, and loving her videos and transformation pics, I finally decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did!! I am beyond thrilled with my results. My workout plan kicked my butt, and I loved every sweaty moment of it. My meal plan was easy to follow, and I never felt hungry. I am looking forward to starting my next month. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Kylee B

I can never ever thank Tana enough for how much she's helped me...even outside of the gym. I was insecure, unsure, scared, and intimidated of the weights. I hated my body and my self esteem was at an all time low. She transformed my life and taught me that working out can be fun and exciting. As long as you're happy, grateful, and do it all with love - there's absolutely no way you cannot succeed. Anyways, Tana has become more than a personal trainer she has become a dear friend...whom I still look up to and view as the big sister I never had. She has a heart of gold, and puts her all into her work. Which is why I believe so many of her clients see such amazing results. She genuinely cares. It's not about money for her. I would still be lost without her, she truly showed me a whole new way of which Im still staying the course and continuing this rewarding journey. I can never thank her enough...she's truly an inspiration to me in so many ways. Her transparency and honesty coupled with her drive to make the world a healthier, happier place and I think its one of the most beautiful things Ive been able to witness. Tana, I love you lady...I can never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me!!!

Ready To Create Your Own Transformation Like These Amazing Ladies Above?

Are you Ready?


Are you ready to learn how to Rewire your body to Get Fit & Stay Fit?

To Rewire your body to work with your hormones?

To Rewire your gut to make it strong and healthy for life, no more bloat, no more fluctuations?

To get healthy on the inside, which brings that rocking body on the outside?

To heighten your mental clarity and increase your energy so you can run a family and a business and feel great about your life and your future with power and confidence?

If so, book your free


Discovery Session

directly with me,

right now.


Ready To Create Your Own Transformation Like These Amazing Ladies Above?

Ready To Create Your Own Transformation

Like These Amazing Ladies Above?

Tana Ashlee


Weight Loss Specialist

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